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We have set up four different ways for you to choose from.

  1. Print out a order form, Fill it out and mail or fax.
  2. Fill out the on-line form and hit the submit button. All on-line orders will be confirmed by e-mail.
  3. Send us e-mail for information or to process an order.
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Payment methods accepted are cheque or money order in US funds only.




All Pricing in US Funds


$79.95 each, min. purchase two decoys. for a total of $159.90


 $450.00 Pond Kit


 $999.00 Golf Course Kit

Applicable shipping charges will be determined based upon location and quantity of product purchased.

Taxes based upon shipping location. If you live in:

15% PST & GST

Ontario, Canada

7% GST

Everywhere else in Canada

Custom Duties



Order Form:

Please fill out the on-line form below to process an on-line order. 
Upon receipt of an order, we will determine the shipping and handling charges, based on your location and quantity ordered. Our shipping method is UPS standard ground transportation.
We will e-mail to confirm all on-line orders. Our e-mail address is
[email protected]

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Payment methods accepted are cheque or money order in US funds only. This order will be confirmed by e-mail only for total cost, so that we will be able to apply the appropriate shipping and handling charges.

To: Print out an order form instead, so that you may fill it out and mail or fax.

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