Are you bothered by Nuisance Canada Geese ?

Are they messing up and taking over your Golf Course, Office Complex, Private Residence, or Park Land


Our Dead Goose Decoy's will provide you with a safe, humane, and cost efficient solution to nuisance Canada Geese in your ponds or on your property

Dead Duck Decoys create the illusion that your property is no longer safe for Canada Geese to habituate. Our decoys achieve this illusion without harming geese or the environment.

The decoys are made of tough all-weather resistant plastic, chip resistant paint and natural colors. They will last for years, and come complete with instructions that will guide you step by step on how to remove nuisance geese from your property humanely.

Dual Purpose Decoys

On Land

On Water Floating

We have studied the behavior of geese and have found that if they see only one dead goose they will come to investigate, however two or more dead decoys in the area , will act as  an excellent repellent. This creates the illusion that both the goose and the gander were harmed by the unknown predator.

Please note : CAUTION !!

Our Dead Goose Decoy is so convincing that when placed beside a nesting goose, it will cause the goose and gander to abandon their nest and eggs. 


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